Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kayasoap&Bodycare LLC has moved to New London, New Hampshire!

We were sad to leave our friends and family in New Jersey but an unexpected job relocation brought us to this beautiful state that we are learning to love. Kaya Soaper is still working in the pharmaceutical industry and foraying into new areas of research in Biologics.

But we've also worked on the Kaya line that now includes more salt scrub scents (lavender, orange and cucumber) and whipped body butters (lavender, orange and cucumber).

We also have all new Sampler Sets in Cucumber Melon, Orange, Lavender, or Create-Your-Own.
Check out the Cucumber Sampler above that includes a Cucumber Melon soap, Lotion bar, Salt scrub and Cucumber Whipped Aloe&Shea Body Butter
Have fun creating a mix and match set for you or someone special- for example, lemongrass eucalyptus soap with cucumber salt scrub, lavender body butter and an orange lotion bar.
All those yummy products for $16 a set!

We have these soaps ready for this holiday season:
For a detailed description and picture of each soap, check out the March 2009 posting in this blog!
Cucumber Melon
Lemongrass Eucalyptus
Rosemary Mint
Oatmeal Milk and Honey!
Patchouli and Clove
Vanilla Almond- now with almond essential oil replacing almond fragrance oil
Or catch us at these craft shows
DCLSA (Dartmouth college Library Staff Assoc) Craft Fair November 20th,2009 Hanover, NH
Christmas Fair, Crowne Plaza, Nashua, NH December 5th 2009 9am-3pm
Silver Bells Craft Fair, Grappone Conference Center, Concord, NH December 12th 2009 9-3pm
Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful holiday season!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Upcoming Craft shows
Westfield SpringFling, April 26th 2009
Metuchen Street Festival, May 31st 2009
Denville Rotary Street Festival, June 7th 2009
KAYA Spring and Summer Collection 2
Whitehouse Station Craft Fair pic

All soaps are $4.50

E-mail me at

See the KAYA Spring and Summer Bodycare Collection 1 in my previous blog (scroll down) and other products such as lotion bars, body butter and salt scrub. A complete price list is also available in the Collection 1 blog.

Delight, improve, heal, and protect your skin with this line of products that are crafted using traditional Asian skin- rejuvenating botanicals such as hibiscus, forsythia and honeysuckle flower extracts along with rice bran oil (made famous by the flawless-skinned Rice-Bran Beauties of Japan ) and the balancing essential oils from both Eastern and Western cultures.

Honeysuckle Forsythia from KAYA ASIA
With Lavender Ylang Ylang
Soothe your skin with Honeysuckle and Forsythia; possibly the most popular remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine for clearing the "heat" and eliminating toxins. Rice bran oil contains two powerful forms of Vitamin E including tocotrienol in the most concentrated form of vit E existing in nature; and oryzanol for protection from UV rays. Lavender and YlangYlang balance sebum production

Insect Repellant Soap from KAYA ASIA

Chase the bugs away!
With insect-repelling essential oils such as Cedarwood, Citronella, Eucalyptus and Palmarosa.

Calendula petals swirled throughout. Perfect for you or your dog. Plus rice bran oil is great for a dog's coat! You won't believe how good this essential oil blend smells.

Geranium Palmarosa from KAYA ASIA

Red Hibiscus powder has skin-saving and anti-aging properties with its free radical scavenging properties. It's also found in KAYA ASIA salt scrub. Rice bran oil is packed with anti-oxidant vitamin E in the form of tocopherol and tocotrienol

Whitehouse Station Craft Show
The Whitehouse Station Craft show was held on April 4th 2009.
It was our first craft show! We were busy the whole time and we had a ball. We learned how to talk to customers while "coolly" packaging their items in pretty bags with ribbons. Linc came up with a great demo on the lotion bar and had all the ladies paying great attention to his detailed instructions. And we get to do it all over again this Sunday, April 26th in Westfield. It will be our first outdoor show and the forecast calls for a sunny day with a high of 83 degrees. Come enjoy the day with us in Westfield!
The winner of the craft show door prize was Natalie Wadley of Moorestown, New Jersey. Her gift containing soaps, lotions bars and salt scrub was mailed to her home.
Congratulations Natalie!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring and Summer 2009 Collection 1

KAYA All natural soap
Crafted from plant extracts and pure essential oils

Our soap is handcrafted from the purest ingredients using a cold process method combining skin-loving oils such as olive oil and cocoa butter with lather-producing coconut oil, and castor oil with palm oil for a sleek hard bar. Shea butter and jojoba oil superfatting add moisturizing luxury. Rice bran oil is naturally superconcentrated with vitamin E. Scroll down to see our body butters, lotion bars and very unique healing salt scrub.
Soaps $4.50 4oz
Lotion bars $4.00 with 2oz tin
Body butters $5.00 2fl oz ; $18 for 8fl oz
Salt scrubs $3.50 2 oz $9.00 8oz
eMAIL me at for ordering information


A romantic sultry bar with a pretty floral scent and rosy undertones rounded out by an earthy patchouli. Deeply scented with essential oils of geranium, palmarosa, patchouli and clove.

Patchouli and Clove
Warm and earthy with a fruit-like tone. There is nothing like rich and complex patchouli. This soap has cinnamon powder swirled into it and it smells just wonderful. I love how the curly Qs came out on the label.

A classic scent that is crisp and clean. Ground lavender buds are swirled throughout for gentle exfoliation.

Rosemary Mint

Rosemary balances emotion and mint helps clear your mind. A sweet mild scent. This soap has ground rosemary herb. One of my personal favorites!

Orange Tea Tree

A warm and happy scent like a fresh burst of citrus. Packed with skin healers like tea tree oil, eucalyptus, calendula petals and did we mention that orange essential oil helps enliven dull skin.

Mint Swirl
Think fresh and clean smelling with a herbaceous undertone in a pretty pink and white swirl.

Lemongrass Eucalyptus

Invigorating and lemony scent, an uplifting combination to rejuvenate your spirits. Scented with lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils

Yin Ylang
The sublime and sensuous feminine ylang ylang combines with lemongrass for a result that is quite exotic

Patchouli and clove
This time the Curly Qs are in the soap!!

KAYAkiss soaps >99% natural
Crafted from plant extracts and fragrance oils.

Cucumber Melon
Cool, light, fresh, delish…..
Scented with cucumber melon fragrance oil.

Oatmeal Milk and Honey

Classic! Sublime aromatic comfort. With a wonderful fragrant oil combination of oatmeal, milk and honey

Vanilla Almond
The relaxing and yummy warm scent of vanilla essential oil and almond fragrance oil together are unbeatably luscious. Two delicious layers that smell good enough to eat :)

Linc and I got busy this weekend and look what we came up with!! The coolest soap yet. I'm psyched!

Citrus Energy
Invigorate yourself with an exciting mix of citrus fruits with jasmine, pineapple, blackberry and champagne.


Everyone loves these lotion bars. Rub between your palms to warm and release the oils and apply to dry skin areas such as elbows, heels, hands. They absorb right into the skin and don't feel greasy. Many users report that they have said goodbye to dry , chapped skin.
Cucumber Melon, Orange and Natural Cocoa butter scent

For intensive moisturizing....
Dreamy, creamy, whipped shea butter and aloe vera extract. With the heavenly scent of sweet orange. We also have a lavender whippped shea butter. Mmmmmm....

A truly unique salt scrub.
It's our first offering in the KAYA ASIA line that is packed with skin healing ingredients from around the world. Red hibiscus adds a wealth of skin-saving, anti-aging properties with its free radical scavenging properties. Forsythia fruit is a powerful yet gentle anti-microbial. Rice bran oil has been used for centuries in Japan. It hinders UV penetration and impedes melanin pigmentation and has two powerful forms of VitE for anti-oxidants. And we haven't even mentioned the vital minerals in Dead Sea salt or the essential oils. E-mail me and I cen send you more details if you're interested. Or try it, and you won't be disappointed. To use, after soaping, apply scrub to wet skin, and rinse off.

Our Story and Our Philosophy

Sprung in the tiny borough of Metuchen, New Jersey, KAYA is a small woman-owned handcrafted bodycare business. The ingredients used are natural and healing. There are no harsh chemicals to strip away your skin's natural oils or negatively impact the architecture of your skin in the long term. We offer a fresh way to reclaim some daily time to renew. Nurture yourself with a little well-deserved luxury weaved with aesthetic beauty that are part of our holistic approach to well-being. Our products are steeped in botanic and herbal healing that have stood the test of time in different cultures. You will feel the difference!
Originally from Malaysia, local KAYA soaper, a Metuchen NJ resident since 1991, is a descendant in a line of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. She grew up with her Great-grandmother and helped grind herbs, roots, flowers and other natural ingredients into healing potions, rubs, powders, and salves. Her Grandfather continued the tradition and her Mother became a nurse (however, we believe in and use herbal medicines to this day!) She studied Chemistry and Biochemistry in college and currently works on finding a cure for diabetes. At the same time, her creative side was in need of an outlet and when she stumbled upon a natural soap recipe, it got all the right neurons firing, and there’s been no turning back. Here was a perfect way to blend the natural, herbal remedies with scientific principles. KAYA was born. The name KAYA has meanings around the world that we believe represent our product philosophy. In Malaysia it means "richness", in Japan it’s "purity", in India, "flower wealth", and for the South African Zulu it means "home". Our products contain no artificial detergents or synthetic preservatives which take their toll on the health of skin. Instead, natural, minimally processed ingredients are used and the emphasis is to offer an option that is incredibly fresh and good for your skin. The owner handcrafts all her products in her home kitchen and enjoys weaving aesthetic beauty with practical utility to create her luxurious soaps and healing balms.