Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Story and Our Philosophy

Sprung in the tiny borough of Metuchen, New Jersey, KAYA is a small woman-owned handcrafted bodycare business. The ingredients used are natural and healing. There are no harsh chemicals to strip away your skin's natural oils or negatively impact the architecture of your skin in the long term. We offer a fresh way to reclaim some daily time to renew. Nurture yourself with a little well-deserved luxury weaved with aesthetic beauty that are part of our holistic approach to well-being. Our products are steeped in botanic and herbal healing that have stood the test of time in different cultures. You will feel the difference!
Originally from Malaysia, local KAYA soaper, a Metuchen NJ resident since 1991, is a descendant in a line of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. She grew up with her Great-grandmother and helped grind herbs, roots, flowers and other natural ingredients into healing potions, rubs, powders, and salves. Her Grandfather continued the tradition and her Mother became a nurse (however, we believe in and use herbal medicines to this day!) She studied Chemistry and Biochemistry in college and currently works on finding a cure for diabetes. At the same time, her creative side was in need of an outlet and when she stumbled upon a natural soap recipe, it got all the right neurons firing, and there’s been no turning back. Here was a perfect way to blend the natural, herbal remedies with scientific principles. KAYA was born. The name KAYA has meanings around the world that we believe represent our product philosophy. In Malaysia it means "richness", in Japan it’s "purity", in India, "flower wealth", and for the South African Zulu it means "home". Our products contain no artificial detergents or synthetic preservatives which take their toll on the health of skin. Instead, natural, minimally processed ingredients are used and the emphasis is to offer an option that is incredibly fresh and good for your skin. The owner handcrafts all her products in her home kitchen and enjoys weaving aesthetic beauty with practical utility to create her luxurious soaps and healing balms.

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